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Feb 16 2016

Inspire, don’t sell.

If you are finding that all your hard work into marketing is being met with the sound of silence, it may be time to learn the difference between selling and inspiration.

We’ve hit a time where people are demanding authenticity, they want to feel like they are purchasing from a person who has a passion for solving whatever their special flavour of problem is. Be it needing a doctor who actually cares about the strange illness that plagues them or boutique store owner who appreciates the value of the purchase they just made.

Basically, clients want to feel like you care. That they matter to you and that you have the professionalism, skills and passion to meet their need. People are buying you – your product or service is secondary.

We moved past the time where the impersonal won. Trying to be the big, ambitious corporate company with shiny papered marketing material just won’t cut it anymore.

When we are just putting out a product or service with non of our personality behind it, it will come across as forced. A way to get money out of people. But when we meet them half way, showing that we care about their problem or need, the tables turn and we start building lasting relationships with clients that trust us. It is the trust that will have them keeping on coming back.

We need to move our clients (emotionally, not with a minivan), to really express the true meaning behind our intent or identity. To stand out in an ocean of sameness and let our message have a chance to sink its hooks into minds. To create a lasting impression that sticks to people like gum to a shoe.

We can do this through offering free advice on your blog, designing packaging that answers a need of your clients, social media or just the simple fact of having on point customer service.

When you start to show who you and your staff are and what you are passionate about, you will start connecting with your ideal clients.

“… if you celebrate your differentness, the world will too. It believes exactly what you tell it – through the words you use to describe yourself.” – Victoria Moran

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